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Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has 50 years of experience providing efficient process weighing and batching solutions, automation, and much more e.g. automation software upgrades, batching systems, micro ingredient batching systems, minor/major ingredient batching systems, material weighing systems, bulk bag packaging/filling systems, bulk bag unloading systems, complete process systems, data management for hydraulic fracturing, feed mill automation, semi-automatic hand prompt batching controller stations, preventative maintenance planning software, process controls and automation, hand-prompt batching stations, semi-automatic batching systems (a.k.a. Kitchen Systems), and remote supervisory control software.

Today, Sterling Systems’ state-of-the-art designs utilize the latest technology and/or components in data management, as well as raw material and production data tracking, automation, and much more. In addition, Sterling Systems’ engineers design complete automated process systems for feed mills, pet food, food and baking, rubber compounding, and many other process industries. These process systems include batching systems, process controls, and plant automation systems, modular weighing systems, upstream/downstream equipment such as mixers and grinders, conveyors, post batch material handling systems, and much more.

Sterling Systems forte is a custom engineering and manufacturing of these systems. Products including batching systems, material weighing systems, micro ingredient systems, minor and major ingredient systems, bulk bag filling/packaging, bulk bag unloading systems, and other process systems and automation are always customized to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Therefore, Sterling Systems provides the best single-source solutions. This is due to Sterling Systems’ attention to detail and well-rounded experience working within a specific range of industries. These industries include Feed Mill, PetFood, Food and Baking, Rubber, Plastics, Industrial, Chemical, and Agriculture. All systems and services are provided to OEM and end-users alike.

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