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Metering Hopper and Feeder Solutions Help a Snack Food Manufacturer Optimize Product Flow and Accuracy

3 Mar 2023  |
When a Midwest snack food manufacturer was adding a new line to their production, they sought a system that could effectively portion and transport even amounts of bulk sausage pieces to their packaging line. With the underlying goal of increasing production capabilities, this customer needed a solution they could count on.

Triton Innovation, LLC.’s Metering Hopper and Feeder Systems effectively store, feed, and gently transport even amounts of product at a steady, controlled rate for a broad range of food handling and packaging applications. Extensive experience with supplying hopper and feeder systems made Triton stand out as the best fit to tackle this challenge.­

For gentle, accurate, and consistent metering and transportation of the product, Triton deployed a tried-and-true stainless steel duo: a Metering Hopper with a Vibratory Feeder mounted below. Once large totes of sausage pieces were bulk fed into the Metering Hopper, a manually adjustable discharge gate located at the base of the Hopper allowed even portions of sausage pieces to dispense onto the tray of the Vibratory Feeder below. The Vibratory Feeder was adjusted to gently transport the even portions of sausage pieces to an incline conveyor for further processing and packaging. After integrating Triton’s solution into their production line, this customer saw an increase in daily production capabilities by approximately 12,000 pounds! Click here to learn more.

Triton’s Metering Hoppers execute portioning for optimized product flow rate and control. Doubling as in-process storage, Metering Hoppers contain high volumes of bulk products before accurate metering commences. High volume production lines benefit greatly from Metering Hoppers, as they prevent downstream equipment from being overwhelmed.

Vibratory Feeders handle and transport a high throughput of bulk products with less force, reducing the risk and likelihood of product damage. Vibratory Feeders are commonly found in conjunction with Hoppers and are arguably made more effective as controlled doses of the product are steadily discharged.

Triton Innovation’s leading food-grade Hoppers, Feeders, and hygienic equipment can bridge the gap between chaos and confidence in your food handling operation. Visit our website,, or get in touch with one of Triton’s helpful experts today by emailing  

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