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Keeping Product Flow Steady with Easyflo

15 May 2023  |
8 Sail Brewery in Lincolnshire have kindly accommodated Guttridge - a leading process and products handling specialist and part of the Mitchells Group - for the afternoon to carry out trial runs as part of their R&D into seeing whether improvements can be made to the existing Guttridge Easyflo, for the micro-brewery industry.

The Easyflo is a free standing mobile screw elevator with an integral loading hopper. The hopper base is fitted with a rotating paddle which acts to loosen up the hopper contents, keeping them moving and encouraging their entry into the screw elevator section. The screw then elevates the material for discharge into packaging or processing machinery as desired. This assisted feed action makes the Easyflo ideal for handling materials with poor flow characteristics or those which compact or bridge easily.

Easy cleaning, maintenance and operation were the main design objectives and the Easyflo has many unique design features and the discharge height is easily altered to meet the needs of the customer. Contact parts are fabricated from 316 stainless steel, with non-contact parts constructed from 304 stainless steel.

Controls are kept simple, with a touch screen HMI and optional speed control, and optional external socket for an automated start/stop signal via flying lead. Available in both standard and ATEX guise, the machine has proven incredibly versatile and user-friendly.

Whilst the machine design has changed little since its first conception in the late 1980s, Guttridge has continued to refine its product through testing and customer feedback over the years.

The Easyflo has been a popular alternative to increased manual handling for decades, sold into various industries including food and chemical, industrial, and increasingly, brewing and distilling. Independent breweries and distilleries have been founded across the UK in recent times, and 8 Sail Brewery is one that has stood the test of time thanks to their passion as well as the quality of their product.

‘We are very grateful for this opportunity, which Tony and the rest of the team offered us, as it’s a chance to prove our Easyflo’s suitability to this industry further and look at ways in which we could potentially improve the machine to suit 8 Sail Brewery and other independent breweries alike.’

There are further benefits to utilising the Easyflo in this sort of setting though; supplying a steady and continuous flow of grain into the mash tun allows operators to focus their attention on the addition of water, ensuring the ratio is just right and ultimately, providing a more consistent product to the customer.

The award-winning 8 Sail Brewery is situated in the picturesque village of Heckington, near Sleaford. Drawing inspiration for the name from the unique eight-sailed windmill below which the brewery is located, the company has created not only one-of-a-kind brand and loyal following but opened its doors to the public by converting part of its premises into an indoor bar seating area also known as the Brewery Bar. Although not the biggest, it certainly exudes character and is proving a popular venue for the locals! Continuously aiming to always have at least five different beers on tap including their core IPAs, pale ales and amber bitters, as well as their occasional beers, there is something for everyone. Want to take some home? There’s even a shop area for visitors to buy well-presented bottled and boxed beers.

The 8 Sail team’s passion is noticeable, in the way they approach their craft to the awards they have picked up along the way; 7 gold regional awards and a national bronze award for their Victorian Porter brew.

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