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New RotaSafeTM Retrofit Kit Upgrades Rotary Valves for Safety, Contamination Prevention

New RotaSafeTM Retrofit Kit Upgrades Rotary Valves for Safety, Contamination Prevention
26 Apr 2024  |
The new RotaSafeTM Retrofit Kit from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ, enables the company's proprietary RotaSafe valve rotor safety system to be applied to Gericke rotary valves currently in operation.

Developed to help food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other processors upgrade their contamination control capabilities, the new RotaSafe Retrofit Kit adds an automated monitoring device to rotary valves in service that detects any metal to metal contact between the valve rotor and housing and, if detected, instantly shuts down power to the drive motor. The potential for fine, metal particles to contaminate the products and ingredients is virtually eliminated while the rotor, seals, bearings, and other components are protected from damage.

Suitable for retrofit onto all of the company’s rotary airlock valves in any hazardous or non-hazardous environment, the RotaSafe Retrofit Kit is delivered pre-wired and pre-assembled with a control module, sensors, and accessories ready for installation. The retrofit may be quickly performed on-site by a Gericke engineer or by most maintenance and operations technicians.

The RotaSafe Retrofit Kits are manufactured and pre-packaged at the company’s headquarters and delivered with a one-year warranty as standard. The RotaSafe system may be tested at the company’s New Jersey test laboratory with a wide range of powders, pellets, granules, and other bulk materials.  

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