*New* Technology That Creates a Better Battery

*New* Technology That Creates a Better Battery
16 Oct 2020  |
It comes as no surprise that the use of electric vehicles (EVs) has risen exponentially over the past 10 years, and this trend has been accelerating at a faster pace than most analysts' predicted.

With the rise in demand for higher-performing batteries, major battery manufacturers turn to Elcan Industries for their high-performance powder screening needs. Elcan Industries has developed new technologies and techniques specifically catered for the batteries materials industries that help manufacturers improve and develop new battery technologies. Elcan helps companies produce innovative battery materials that revolutionize the performance of their battery applications. Elcan has become a major contributor to the creation of new battery structures to power the future of emission-free electric vehicles (EVs).

Reduction in Cell Failure

Elcan Industries’ line of Hi-Sifter and Elbow Jet Air classifiers has helped companies develop previously unattainable fractions of their powders. Whether it be graphite or silicon for anode materials or lithium-based nickel products for cathode production, Elcan has the ability to help refine the process.

As pioneers in the materials processing industry, Elcan has been ahead of its counterparts with its unparalleled screening techniques and equipment. Since the early 90s, Elcan was already helping companies effectively screen powders down to as fine as 10um with over 99% efficiency. Elcan has successfully helped companies achieve higher yields and cleaner products for their various battery applications which helps companies avoid structural failures within the battery that degrades performance over time. With the high-end products Elcan is able to produce for lithium-ion battery manufacturers, it allows them to mitigate potentially dangerous failures of the cell containers.

Longer Lasting Battery Life

The sizing of powders is an integral part of the battery formulation process. Most powders need to be sifted to below 44 microns in order to maximize the amount of power within each battery cell. The ability to fine screen at these sizes allows companies to produce not only the cleanest (contaminant-free) grade of powder, but also to obtain as much life out of the battery as possible. The machines also allow companies to produce more powder over a shorter period of time and eliminate what is often a bottleneck in the production process.

Elcans Experience

Elcan Industries has helped numerous EV and Lithium-Ion Battery producers develop and improve upon existing powders and processes. The advanced equipment has helped companies with research and development of new powders at fine sizes that are not achievable using conventional screening equipment. This new approach to screening has allowed Elcan and its customers to re-shape the market and deliver new solutions in a rapidly evolving market. Elcan has a full-scale toll processing facility in New York where they sift powders and examine new methods to help companies find an edge in this competitive market.

Elcan offers material testing on their advanced, high energy screening technologies. Elcan encourages companies to send in material for testing to benchmark their performance. They will run any product specifications/cuts that you require. Elcan also provides all PSD analysis from their Malvern and RoTap equipment. Elcan is open for visitors, but understand that some companies have travel restrictions due to COVID-19, so they are offering virtual tests for companies that wish to witness the test remotely.

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