New Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 300 – The Fastest Rotor Mill in the Market

New Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 300 - The Fastest Rotor Mill in the Market
Nothing matches the performance of the original! Retsch’s Ultra Centrifugal Mills set standards in sample homogenization for almost 50 years.

The latest model ZM 300 comprises the essence of German engineering expertise combined with high-quality materials, smart accessories, and the latest software technology. The powerful mill provides maximum grinding performance at high-speed while, at the same time, ensuring operator convenience and safety.

The maximum speed of classic centrifugal mills is usually limited to 18,000 rpm. The ZM 300 achieves up to 23,000 rpm and produces particles that are 15 to 20% finer in comparison to conventional rotor mills, depending on the material. The high speed also allows for an increase of sample throughput by 10 to 15%.

The variable speed range allows for optimum adaptation of the grinding process to the sample requirements by keeping the grinding time as short as possible and the temperature increase as moderate as possible. Too much heat may have a negative effect on the grinding results, for example, if moisture or volatile components escape.

The ZM 300 is equipped with an integrated temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the cassette lid near the ring sieve. The measured temperature is constantly shown in the mill’s display, allowing the user to optimize the grinding process and improve reproducibility.

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