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Parker Launches Innovative Replacement Filter for the PowerCore® CP Filter Pack

16 Mar 2021  |
BHA® TotalPleat™ delivers longer filter life as reported by customers and replaces the Donaldson filter pack, part numbers P032358-016-340 and P280356-016-340.

The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, today announced a new filter, BHA® TotalPleat™. The aftermarket replacement filter is a cost-effective alternative to the PowerCore® filter pack for the Donaldson PowerCore® CP dust collector. Parker’s proprietary MERV 15 TotalPleat™ filter provides significant advantages over the PowerCore® design; specifically, customers report longer filter life. 

BHA® TotalPleat advanced airflow technology is at the heart of its exceptional performance. The deep-pleated design is engineered to keep 92% of the filter face open to flow leveraging larger airflow passages that allow for full dust ejection during cleaning, yielding high efficiency, effectiveness, and long service life.

“Customers from several beta site locations report TotalPleat filters have been running for more than a full year; whereas the OEM filter lasted only three to four months,” said Jeff Canfield, senior product engineer, Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division. “BHA TotalPleat was engineered to solve problems customers experience with the OEM filter. We designed TotalPleat to fully eject dust during pulse cleaning, to evenly distribute the cleaning pulse across the entire filter area, while producing minimal pressure drop.”

Smaller, compact dust collectors have grown in popularity within industrial filtration and therefore cartridge dust filters are being used more. When filtering dust that doesn’t easily release from the filter media, cartridges often plug and restrict airflow. Several customers and operators of these smaller dust collectors found themselves dealing with filter issues. Parker delivered a solution with BHA® TotalPleat, and also provides the most comprehensive selection of filtration products and numerous patented media in the market.

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