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Elcan Industries offers advanced toll sifting services for companies needing materials to be separated at any size range.

The contract manufacturing facility is strategically located on the east coast and is only an hour from the port of Newark. The tolling facility is over 20,000+ square feet and has 8 bays dedicated specifically for toll sifting. The plant is designed to house ten truckloads of material and has strict procedures to track every pound of material that comes through. The toll sifting operation is carried out using Elcan’s proprietary line of high-energy and tumbler screeners. These systems are the most advanced sieving systems in the world and can separate powders down to sizes as fine as ten microns on a large commercial scale.

From toll sieving, mixing & blending, packaging and repackaging, lab services, magnetic separation, and more, Elcan offers a wide array of services for companies that are looking for extra capacity, developing new products without being capitally committed to equipment, and for traders/brokers of powders.

Elcan uses multiple different approaches to separate materials at any size range. Elcan’s proprietary line of Hi-Sifters is great for companies looking to separate powders at both fine and coarse sizes. The systems employ a high-energy approach that can separate products that are typically difficult to screen using conventional or ultrasonic screeners. Elcan also uses tumbler screeners for powders that require a finesse approach to screening, rather than the energy approach. This Is great for angular particles that are difficult to separate or for very lightweight powders. Elcan Industries also carries an Elbow Jet air classifier in our lab that can separate powders down to as fine as 1 micron. These systems allow companies to maximize their yield and hit even the tightest of particle specifications.

If you are underwhelmed with your material screening/sieving results, have issues with screen blinding dragging down your production time, need to run multiple passes to achieve a desired cut, or struggle to screen down to finer sizes such as 10um, we can help.

Schedule a trial with us today and experience the Elcan difference. We provide results, not promises.

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Elcan Industries offers unparalleled levels of screening capabilities that provide excellent efficiencies on even the hardest to screen chemicals, powdered metals, glass and ceramics, foods, plastics, minerals, oil drilling muds, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, and coating systems.

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