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Why You Should Invest in Durable Flexible Connectors

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27 Jun 2023  |
In manufacturing plants, the efficient transportation of bulk powders is critical for smooth operations and high productivity. Flexible connectors play a pivotal role in this process, serving as the vital link between various equipment, such as silos, hoppers, and conveying systems.

One key attribute that should never be overlooked when selecting flexible connectors is durability. 

Why is Flexible Connector Durability So Important? 

If a flexible connector is not constructed with high-quality materials or designed to last, there are wide negative implications to your plant’s production processes.  

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Reliability and Safety: Manufacturing plants often handle abrasive and corrosive powders that can cause premature wear and tear on equipment. If connectors are not made from durable materials, they can easily develop leaks, tears, or cracks, leading to operational inefficiencies, costly downtime, and potential safety hazards. By investing in durable connectors, manufacturers can minimize the risk of accidents, protect workers, and maintain a continuous and safe flow of bulk powders.
  • Quality Control and Hygiene: In industries such as food processing or pharmaceuticals, maintaining high-quality standards and hygiene is paramount. Flexible connectors must meet stringent regulatory requirements and prevent cross-contamination or powder leakage that may compromise product quality. A durable connector will remain intact, without cracks or crevices that could harbour residue or contaminants. By selecting durable connectors, manufacturers can uphold strict hygiene standards, prevent product contamination, and safeguard consumer health. 
  • Compatibility and Adaptability: Flexible connectors must be versatile to connect various components seamlessly, and durability plays a critical role in maintaining compatibility between different equipment types and sizes. Robust connectors can withstand different operating conditions, such as temperature variations, pressure differentials, or mechanical stresses, without compromising their performance. This adaptability ensures efficient powder transportation across diverse manufacturing setups. 
  • Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: As sustainability gains importance, manufacturing plants are naturally trying to minimize their environmental footprint. Longer-lasting flexible connectors contribute to this effort by reducing waste generation because they require fewer replacements and keep valuable product inside the process, avoiding unnecessary wastage. 
  • Increased Productivity: Robust connectors can withstand the constant movements that occur during the transportation of bulk powders without losing their structural integrity. This prevents leaks or disconnections and ensures uninterrupted operations which reduces production bottlenecks and enhances overall productivity. 
  • Cost Savings: Flexible connectors with superior durability allow manufacturing plants to achieve long-term cost savings. Although they may have a higher initial investment, their extended lifespan offsets the need for frequent replacements and repairs, providing an excellent return on investment. Durability reduces maintenance costs and downtime associated with connector failures, resulting in improved productivity and overall efficiency. Investing in durable connectors also helps avoid the costs of potential powder contamination or hygiene issues that can arise from connector failures. 

The BFM® Advantage

Whilst there are many things that determine how long a flexible connector will last – temperature, movement, and product abrasion for example – choosing a quality product upfront is always the best long-term business decision. 

BFM® fitting’s distinctive blue-band connectors are engineered with a unique, patented design that sets them apart from traditional connectors.  

Enduring Design 

The unique snap-in, snap-out design eliminates the need for clamps, gaskets, or other loose components commonly found in conventional connectors. This means there are no weak points or areas susceptible to wear and tear commonly seen with clamped connectors.

The absence of these traditional components minimizes the risk of failure due to fatigue or degradation, making BFM® fittings incredibly durable. 

Unyielding Material Strength

BFM® fittings are also manufactured using high-quality materials known for their superior strength and resilience. The most popular Seeflex flexible connector sleeves are made from a specialized polyurethane material that is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and high temperatures.

This exceptional durability ensures that the fittings can withstand the harshest operating conditions without compromising their structural integrity. 

In an era where product reliability and durability can be hard to find, BFM® fittings’ consistent ability to withstand harsh conditions make them the ideal choice for industries that demand durability without compromising operational efficiency.

To learn more about why global multinational companies choose the quality BFM® fitting flexible connector system:

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