Air Cannon in Different Bulk Processes

Air Cannon in Different Bulk Processes
Since 1978, STANDARD INDUSTRIE International has specialized and diversified in the design and manufacture of equipment to facilitate the handling of bulk powdered products safely and with consideration for the environment.

It has built its success around the world with its AIRCHOC® air cannon.

AIRCHOC®: Air Cannon Function and Innovation

A volume of compressed air of between 4 and 400 liters is released instantly through an adapted outlet port (from 25 to 300 mm) to achieve a deflagration. In this way, the AIRCHOC® air cannon acts directly on the material, thus avoiding any damage to the structure.

Examples of AIRCHOC® Applications:

Glass factory



Application: Equipment on 4 sand hoppers, area of composition where materials are collected, processed, and mixed before the hot oven.

Customer’s requirement: Arch-shaped clogging in the sand hopper, in the raw material storage area. During winter campaigns sand tends to absorb moisture. If the product extraction takes a while, the product will compact.

Solution: Declogging sequence via AIRCHOC® to solve the bridging encountered during sand storage. 4 devices AC51010SD, DN 100 50 liters in the middle of each face of the hopper in order to push the material towards the extraction.

To obtain a greater availability of the control panels, the customer wanted to use the two available wireless frequencies of the control panels: 915Mhz-968Mhz

Sand Treatment


Application: Declogging sand in 4 hoppers.

Customer’s requirement: The customer develops and creates installations of treatment and washing of sand. They have been commissioned within the framework of the creation of the metro stations of the future Greater Paris. This project was born to meet constraints of footprint on this site of special foundations. The projects to be completed are very compact. The customer invented a machine for the regeneration of BENTONIC sludge and sandblasting. A specific machine to treat everything that is rejected when a milling cutter digs a hole. 4 hoppers have been set up for the recycling of the earth. The customer used Standard Industrie International for sand concretions.

Solution: Study of the AIRCHOC® solution on these 4 hoppers. Proposal made with 8 AC51010SDP WIRELESS. Considering the satisfactory results, a project is to come on a set of 3 hoppers. Project planned in the beginning of summer 2019.


Product: 18 AIRCHOC®

Application: Zinc oxide silo.

Problem: Avoid creation of clogging in silos.

Solution: Installation of declogging system AIRCHOC® 18 x AC515SJP.

An international group, present throughout South America with a production unit also in North America, exports its zinc sulphate production worldwide and the market is huge. The applications are diverse: zinc sulphate is used in industry for the preservation of leather and wood, it is used to bleach paper pulp and also to galvanize metal. This group trusted STANDARD INDUSTRIE’s engineering department because STANDARD INDUSTRIE was able to stand out, offering guaranteed solutions and technical expertise with the AIRCHOC® positive trigger solution.

Lime Kiln

Product: 3 AIRCHOC®

Application: Emptying of the silo with AIRCHOC®

Problem: The customer had to regularly send every week an operator to empty the silo. The operator was entering the silo to lower the material to the extraction. It was a difficult work in bad safety conditions.

Solution: 3 AIRCHOC® AC515 + 1 fail safe ramp in order to empty the silo regularly without human intervention inside the silo.

As the operators no longer wanted to intervene in the silo, the customer was forced to equip it with AIRCHOC®.  In this case, the investment was made possible by highlighting the saving of time for cleaning of the silo but especially for safety reasons and the obligation of the employer to put in safety its operators.

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