AIRCHOC® Air Cannons to Dispose of Material Build-Ups

AIRCHOC® Air Cannons to Dispose of Material Build-Ups
Over 40 years, STANDARD INDUSTRIE International has been a specialist in the design and manufacture of solutions aiming to facilitate the handling of bulk products by combining safety and environment respect, especially in southern Africa.

AirchocMaterial build-ups in the production process
Material build-ups in the production process often lead to reduced plant productivity and higher cleaning costs, as well as increased safety risks to maintenance staff. Such issues can be avoided by undertaking measures including:

  • blockage and build-up removal.
  • silo and hopper cleaning.

Having developed expertise in both these areas over the past 40 years, Standard Industrie has helped a number of plants across the world improve productivity, reduce cleaning costs and lower safety risks.

As an example, Standard Industrie installed 8 AIRCHOC® air cannons on the top of the economizer to unclog the top tube stack in a plant specialized in the production of chrome chemicals:

The aim of the project was to either reduce the frequency of using the ball shot system for declogging. At the start of the project, the AIRCHOC® was used in conjunction with the ball shot system, but the frequency of using the ball shot was gradually reduced to a point where it was no longer used. In June 2018 the decision was taken to remove the ball shot system completely and rely only on the AIRCHOC®.

After one year with AIRCHOC®

Standard Industrie also recently intervened at a wood chemicals factory to clean the urea silos.
The customer had a loss of storage capacity, means an increased reliance on road transport for raw materials to keep the reactors online for production. Road transportation can be unreliable with trucks breaking down, so this affected the production schedules and reliability of raw material feed to the reactors.

Standard Industrie intervened with its Gironet :
“We had to systematically remove ma¬terial (we could not just collapse the build-up). This meant a very slow rate of material removal, but ultimately reduced the risk of completely blocking the extraction of the silo. We estimate that the material built up in the silo for a period of more than 10 years. The build-up was extremely hard, but even the pneumatic Gironet had no problem removing the material.” said the Standard Industrie’s operator.

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