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Applying Freko-Foam to Biomass

Applying Freko-Foam to Biomass
Around the world, an increasing share of the energy production is generated by biomass plants. Biomass has quickly become a serious alternative to other more traditional sources of energy generation, such as coal. In this way, biomass power plants have become an important part of the energy transition.

The main source of biomass energy is wood & wood residues. No matter wood chips, pellets or other types of biomass: a significant amount of dust is generated during processing, shredding and/or upgrading. Prolonged or repeated exposure to -relatively fine- biomass dust has a negative effect on health. Biomass dust is carcinogenic: this type of dust boosts carcinogenesis and thereby stimulates the formation of cancer cells.

In addition, it is a fact that dust coming from biomass processing points, such as power plants or recycling facilities, dissipates for miles and thus spreads over the surrounding areas. Apart from the health problems this causes, there is also a significant loss of product. Over the years, dust control specialist Wuvio has developed a range of solutions that can be used specifically for biomass dust control.

What is the solution developed by Wuvio to bind biomass (fine) dust particles? The basis of the solution is the application of Wuvio’s active dry foam solution Freko-Foam. This solution is deployed as close to the source of dust formation as possible, which is often at the beginning of the production process. Examples include areas close to a shredder or drop points of conveyor belts. Depending on the situation, Freko-Foam is also applied to the conveyor belts themselves. The success of using Freko-Foam is not just due to the quality of foam. The -often fully automated- technical installation provides the perfect conditions for constant foam application. The right balance between the quantity of water, air and foam solution creates a voluminous foam layer that serves as a binding agent for the dry material. For optimal product application, the positioning of the spray bar with the nozzles on it is also very important.

Depending on the concentration, Freko-Foam remains active on the material for several days, this way the dust particles have no chance of spreading into the environment and the production process remains as dust-free as possible. A completely dust-free process does not exist, but a significant reduction of dust emission is achievable.

In addition to dust reduction, the use of Freko-Foam also significantly reduces the amount of water in the production process. This saving reduces costs, but also ensures a lower moisture content in the material, so the (caloric) value of biomass is not affected.

Wuvio’s foam solution has several advantages over spraying water because the product:

  • can be applied using existing / standard sprinklers;
  • reduces water consumption by 80%;
  • dust emissions are reduced by 80%;
  • is 100% biodegradable in addition to being harmless to the aquatic environment;
  • is 100% safe for humans and the environment.


Wuvio focuses on offering a fully integrated and customized solutions so that the application of the additives becomes an easy and successful job. Our installations are plug & play, and built to operate sustainably in harsh, industrial environments. The equipment is tailored to customer requirements and can be fully automated and integrated into the operational process.

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