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NANO SF range from integratedAIR Filtration

NANO SF range from integratedAIR Filtration
integratedAIR Filtration has recently launched its’ new range of NANO SF filter units which are part of their BlueClean® filter range of self-cleaning dust control filter units.

The NANO SF range uses three different filter sizes with the filter range being named after its’ primary use, ie: SF standing for spot filter. Like the rest of their BlueClean® filter range, the NANO SF filter unit is designed to remove dust contaminants from the air keeping employees safe and in line with Health and Safety regulations.

The NANO SF filter uses compressed air to clean the filter element to make the design self-cleaning. Designed to handle the displaced air from sealed vessels fed mechanically by feeding equipment such as screw conveyors or by gravity from hoppers positioned above a vessel, they are the prefect answer to the issue of blinded sock filters commonly used to vent displaced air from hoppers and vessels. The NANO SF filter unit can be supplied in three filter sizes, 0.5m2, 1m2 and 1.5m2 with the filter size being determined by the air volume needing to be handled. Each NANO SF filter unit contains a single, conical filter cartridge with the filter element being available in a wide range of filter medias to ensure that each NANO SF filter unit matches the application that it is being applied to.

Protect your Staff

Dust control is a vital part of any manufacturing industry. When handling the displaced air from vessels being fed mechanically or by gravity means it is crucial to stop contaminates from dispersing into the production environment. Choose integratedAIR Filtration’s NANO SF filter unit to ensure that your dust is controlled. Correctly designed dust extraction not only protects staff but also helps reduce maintenance and keeps a workplace clean. It is also a vital way of helping companies to comply with HSE (Health and Safety Executive) legally enforceable legislation such as CoSHH and EH40.

Well designed and correctly maintained dust extraction equipment helps to ensure that safety, quality and environmental obligations are met which in turn:

• Protects worker health
• Protects product quality
• Protects plant and machinery
• Reduces explosive risk
• Reduces workspace cleaning
• Reduces general machinery maintenance and servicing


As a company standard, the NANO SF filter unit is manufactured in mild steel and supplied powder coated light blue (RAL 5012) although they can be supplied in alternative paint colours or left self-colour in 304 or 316 stainless steel. The unit is designed with a 6mm flat edge and clip-together design as a standard with a matching collar for ease of mounting, or with alternative connections that are application-specific such as a welded or loose fitted flange.

Manufactured in the UK

All of integratedAIR Filtrations’ range of BlueClean® filter units are assembled at their in-house manufacturing facility to the North of Manchester.

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