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FP ULTRA Insertable range from integratedAIR Filtration

FP ULTRA Insertable range from integratedAIR Filtration
integratedAIR Filtration are delighted to announce an addition to their range of BlueClean® filter units, the FP ULTRA Insertable, a series of flat pad pulse jet self-cleaning filter units.

Designed to be integrated into production equipment, processing plants and machinery, they provide a cost-effective solution for applications where airborne dust can be enclosed, captured and returned to the process.
Like the rest of their BlueClean® filter range, the FP ULTRA Insertable filter units are designed to remove airborne dust contaminants from the workplace to enable operatives to work safely within production facilities by providing clean, filtered air ensuring that WEL and MEL levels set within the CoSHH framework are not exceeded.

The flexibility and versatility of the FP ULTRA Insertable unit design means that it is the perfect solution for handling numerous dust-generating applications within the handling, processing and storage of bulk solid materials such as silo filling, conveyor transfer points, grinding and milling, and even to provide general ventilation to large bulk material storage sheds.

The FP ULTRA Insertable is a truly versatile dust filtration unit as;

• It is suitable for horizontal or vertical filter mounting.
• Can be supplied with or without a filter casing.
• Has a generous clearance built into the design between the flat pad filter bags to allow dust to be cleaned effectively.
• The filter range extends from filter areas of 12m2 through to 60m2.
• The filter units can be supplied with or without integral fan sets.
• They can handle product/conveying air temperatures of up to 80oC but high temperature units being able to handle up to 200oC are available.
• A weatherproof chamber can also be added for external use.
• An extensive range of filter medias are available to ensure that each filter unit matches the dust being handled.

Suitable for Explosive Dust

Dust control is a vital part of any manufacturing or processing facility. Airbourne dust is not only a hazard to health in terms of respiratory diseases, many are also hazardous due to being potentially explosive. The use of integratedAIR Filtration’s FP ULTRA Insertable reduces the risk of potentially explosive dust clouds forming within production facilities therefore reducing the ATEX zone ratings within them. The FP ULTRA Insertable can be used to handle potentially explosive dusts with each filter specification being based on the explosive characteristics of the dusts being handled. The FP ULTRA Insertable can also be supplied for location within ATEX Zoned areas when required.

Protect your Staff

Correctly designed dust extraction protects staff, helps reduce maintenance and keeps the workplace clean. It is also vital to help companies comply with HSE (Health and Safety Executive) legally enforceable legislation such as COSHH and EH40.

Well-designed and correctly maintained dust extraction equipment helps to ensure that safety, quality and environmental obligations are met, which in turn:

• Protects worker health
• Protects product quality
• Protects plant and machinery
• Reduces explosive risk
• Reduces workspace cleaning
• Reduces general machinery maintenance and servicing


As a company standard, the FP ULTRA Insertable filter units are manufactured in mild steel and supplied powder-coated in light blue (RAL 5012). However, they can be supplied in alternative paint colours or left self-coloured in 304 or 316 stainless steels to the client’s requirements.

Manufactured in the UK

All of integratedAIR Filtrations’ range of BlueClean® filter units are assembled and manufactured at their in-house facility in the North of Manchester. integratedAIR Filtration is a proud member of Made in Britain, promoting manufacturers within the UK.

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