Explosion Protection & Process Safety

Explosion protection and process safety solutions - safe handling of powders and bulk solids

Powders and bulk solids are handled and processed widely in chemicalpharmaceuticalfoodmillingdairyagricultureplasticmineral, and other industries: these dry materials' handling operations imply the processing of unique fire, explosion and toxicity hazards. Substances practically inert in consolidated form can become quite hazardous when converted to powders and granules.

Safe Handling of Powders and Bulk Solids

Latest developments in Explosion Protection and Process Safety

Safety is the Right Choice

Easier and safer than ever before: The next generation of the VENTEX® explosion protection valve offers advantages in use and reduces the…

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Is Truck Grounding Necessary?

When static discharge forms a risk, for instance in the event of a dust or gas explosion, truck earthing will be necessary. The product that is loaded from or…

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Dust Explosion Hazards

Dust explosions represent a serious danger when handling or processing bulk solids. Unfortunately, due to the nature of handling or production technology, the…

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Experts for Explosion Protection Solutions

Stuart Morgan Stuart Morgan (Spray Nozzle Engineering) Stuart Morgan is the Operations and International Sales Director of Spray Nozzle Engineering. With more than 35 years of expertise in the spray drying powder processing, he has introduced high-end technology in spray-dry nozzle designs that ... Ask a question
Matt Elliott (IEP Technologies) For over 60 years IEP Technologies have been providing market leading explosion protection solutions into industry. Matt Elliott has been part of that journey now for over three years and has had the privilege to draw on IEP’s wealth of expertise ... Ask a question
Johannes Lottermann (REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control) Dr.-Ing. Johannes Lottermann studied safety engineering before he worked for DMT GmbH & Co. KG, an independent engineering and consulting company. He managed the department of technical fire and explosion safety. In 2010 he started to work ... Ask a question

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