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Fire Prevention, Isolation, and Extinguishing Systems by Boss Products

Every industrial facility holds paramount the importance of maintaining a safe working environment. Given the inherent risks with dust, fire, and explosions, it's imperative to have state-of-the-art systems in place to protect not only the infrastructure but also the employees who operate within these environments. Raptor Spark® is a game changer in this arena, offering an unmatched array of Explosion Prevention, Fire Isolation, and Diversion options.

The Hidden Dangers in Industrial Environments: Risks and Solutions

Spark-Induced Explosions: In industrial settings, ducts serve as the arteries, circulating air and potentially combustible dust from one point to another. However, if a spark finds its way into these ducts, the result can be catastrophic. The confined space within a duct can rapidly magnify a tiny spark into a roaring flame, leading to damaging explosions.

The Hidden Threat of Dust Collectors: While dust collectors play a pivotal role in maintaining air quality and reducing ambient dust levels within industrial settings, they come with their own set of risks. Fires within these units can convert trapped particles into dangerous embers.

When air from these units is recycled to optimize heating costs, there’s the risk of reintroducing these harmful particles back into the workspace. This not only poses a fire risk but also a health concern for those in the vicinity.

The Solution: Raptor Spark® Detection & Extinguishing System

The Raptor Spark® family of Fire and Explosion Prevention, Fire Isolation and Diversion devices are tailored for industrial safety. What makes them stand out is their ability to detect hazards and automatically take actions like shutting down systems, isolating or aborting processes, and extinguishing potential fires. The flexibility to customize these systems based on specific client requirements ensures that they can be as intricate or simple as needed. When activated, the Raptor Spark® Detection and Extinguishing System takes specific steps to counteract the risks:

  • Detect and Suppress: Instead of merely responding to threats, the system anticipates them. It constantly monitors for sparks and, upon detection, suppresses them before they can escalate into a larger hazard.
  • Detect and Isolate: Some situations demand more than suppression. In instances where a spark might overpower suppression efforts, the system isolates the threat. This means the harmful sparks are contained and prevented from jeopardizing the entire operational system.
  • Temperature Monitoring Inside the Dust Collector: Boss Product can also integrate thermal probes into its safety apparatus. These devices continuously monitor the interior of dust collectors, identifying smoldering material or any temperature irregularities that might be precursors to a fire. This offers an additional layer of preemptive security.
  • Detect and Divert on the Outlet: Clean return air is critical. To this end, the system actively detects and diverts hot embers, smoke, or elevated dust levels, ensuring the recycled air is devoid of threats. This not only safeguards the facility from fires but also ensures a healthier working environment.
  • Control Unit: Orchestration is key in any complex system. Boss Products’ integrated control panel serves as the nerve center, meticulously coordinating all protective mechanisms. This ensures a seamless and efficient safety response.

Key Raptor Spark® Products and Their Features

  • RS-PCUSP1L: A 1-zone control panel, designed with 8 inputs and 5 outputs. It has features like an IP 65 enclosure, soft touch buttons, battery backup, and alarms both visual (optical strobe light) and auditory (acoustic bell).
  • RS-PCU1610SD: This 5-zone unit is more advanced with 16 inputs and 10 outputs. Notably, it’s furnished with a microprocessor and a variety of connectivity options, including USB, Bluetooth, and ethernet.
  • Raptor Spark® Extinguishing Assembly RS-EXT02: Created to function seamlessly with the RS-PCUSP1L control unit and RS-SD02 Spark Detectors, this assembly is vital in fire prevention.
  • Raptor Spark® Thermal Probe RS-TP02: An innovative tool that uses thermovelocimetric technology to monitor temperature rise, specifically geared towards fire protection in dust collection systems.
  • Raptor Spark® Dust Probe RS-DP03: Operating on the principle of electric charge displacement, this probe is crucial for monitoring dust concentration, thereby indicating potential ruptures or malfunctioning of dust filters.
  • Raptor Spark® Spark Detector RS-SD02: Using infrared technology, this detector is adept at identifying sparks, flames, and incandescent materials, working in tandem with the RS-PCUSP1L Control Unit.
  • Raptor Spark® Test Lamp RS-TL02: Designed to test the efficiency and cleanliness of the Spark Detector lenses by mimicking the infrared radiation emitted by sparks.
  • FireBreak Shutters: These are engineered to isolate fires and related hazards, making them invaluable in environments with risks associated with wood dust, metal dust, and oil mists.
  • Water Pressure Booster Pump RS-CPR: Ensures consistent water pressure for the extinguishing unit, ensuring maximum efficiency during emergencies. Ensuring the reliability and efficiency of safety equipment is critical, and our Raptor Spark® products are FM Approved and ATEX Certified, demonstrating their adherence to global safety standards.


In the industrial realm, safety isn’t just a protocol—it’s a commitment. With Boss Products’ innovative solutions, industries can stride forward with confidence, knowing that they’re shielded from potential perils. Through foresight, technology, and dedication, a safer industrial future becomes not just a possibility, but a reality

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