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Gericke Feedos® S Promotes Continuous Operation

Gericke Feedos® S Promotes Continuous Operation
3 Mar 2023  |
Feedos® S bulk material feeders from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ, feature removable, interchangeable feeding chambers.

Devised to speed product changeovers, the proprietary feeder design allows a feeding chamber to be removed from service with its feeding tool in seconds and replaced with a second feeding chamber and tool while the first unit is cleaned and readied for the next changeover. By keeping a duplicate feeding chamber and dosing tool on hand, line stoppages for cleaning the feeder between batches are virtually eliminated.

Ideal for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturers interested in minimizing downtime in powder processing, the modular Feedos S enables the feeding chamber and dosing tool to be safely disassembled without reaching into the hopper or exposing workers to dust or significant material residue simply by opening two clamps. The line of Feedos S feeders is proven in feeding and dosing free-flowing and flow-resistant granular and powdered materials at rates up to 500 liters/hour in a choice of volumetric or gravimetric modes.

The Feedos S feeder with interchangeable chamber and feeding tool may be tested at the company’s New Jersey test laboratory. The model installation includes a variety of dosing tools, connectors, hoppers, and accessories to accommodate a wide range of materials and closely simulate nearly any process.

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