Hygienic Weigh Feeder Designed for the Enhanced Food Safety Processing Segment

The new Thayer Scale Hygienic Weigh Feeder HWF is designed and built in accordance with the applicable provisions of AMI, 3-A, NSF and USDA specifications for industry segments that require compliance with food traceability rules and food safety plans.

The HWF Hygienic Weigh Feeder is designed to provide a flow rate measurement solution for the enhanced food safety processing segment.

The Model HWF Hygienic Weigh Feeder is specifically engineered to accurately measure the rate of flow, control the rate of flow or dose conveyed, in-process bulk materials for food safety segments that require strict adherence to 3-A standards including, IQF vegetables, ready-to-eat food service, meat processing, poultry processing, cheese conversion (shred, grate), seafood, and high meat inclusion premium pet food.

Thayer Scale developed the Hygienic Weigh Feeder to help the sanitary space meet the challenges of this new era of smarter food safety initiatives.

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