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Thayer Scale Sanitary Vibratory Feeders Designed to Handle Difficult Ingredients

Sanitary Vibratory Feeder - Thayer Scale - BulkInside
21 Feb 2024  |
Thayer Scale’s sanitary vibratory Loss-in-Weight LIW Vibratory feeder is ideally suited to gravimetrically deliver difficult-flowing ingredients such as fine cohesive powders or fragile interlocking particles of irregular shapes at low feed rates with up to a 100:1 turn-down.

Thayer Scale’s equipment has been used to weigh and measure process ingredients for finished products, including tobacco, nuts, confectionary, chocolate, cereal, snack foods, crackers, coffee, pet food, dairy, meat, and more. The sanitary LIW system includes an integral hopper equipped with Thayer Scale’s unique Spiralator flow-aid that provides gentle agitation to delicate materials, ensuring consistent feed to the vibratory tray. A slowly rotating, non-agitating, conical wire spiral within the hopper counteracts the material’s tendency to pack under its own weight by virtue of its “lifting” action throughout the stored material.

The resulting reduction in consolidation pressures throughout the material mass assures that the stored material will not develop sufficient strength to form stable arches that can cause erratic flow or complete flow stoppage. The tray features a customizable bias cut to provide uniform flow to a master ingredient stream being conveyed below the tray. This unique material conditioning system and a vibrating pan feeder ensure the material will be handled reliably and gently throughout the entire feeding range. The hopper and feeder are suspended on a fully mass-counterbalanced stainless-steel weigh system to provide high sensitivity and immunity to noise and non-uniform shop floors. The system includes IP66-rated enclosures to support high-pressure cleaning processes. The system can be quickly disassembled without hand tools to optimize sanitation effectiveness to satisfy stringent sanitation requirements.

Thayer Scale instrumentation seamlessly integrates with a facility’s process software, facilitating automatic, real-time analysis of material measurement and the delivery of the anti-clumping agent. Programmable alarm points immediately signal issues with any of these critical measurements and comprehensive manually supervised and/or fully automated calibration processes provide quick validation of measurement accuracy.

Thayer Scale’s optional Remote Monitoring Terminal, compatible with a facility’s secure end-to-end / on-demand industrial VPN access/security management systems, facilitates access from any web browser to reduce the cost and downtime associated with in-person site visits. Overall, the use of the Thayer Scale Loss-in-Weight vibratory feeder reduces product quality instances and improves housekeeping with a low, long-term cost of ownership. For more information, visit the website at or contact a Sales Rep at

Vibratory Feeder Benefits:

  • Accurately measures load regardless of load position.
  • Immune to support structure deflections and process vibrations
  • Inherently self-aligning to gravity
  • Nulls out heavy tare loads
  • 1,000% overload capacity
  • Scale may be suspended from above or supported below.
  • Immune to shock or impact loads
  • Easily accessible load cell can be accessed without removing the feeder.

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