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Get Solids Inventory On Your Phone

9 Jun 2022  |
Finally, an easy way to monitor solids levels in silos. You are no longer chained to your desk reacting to reports or emails on your PC. BinCloud from BinMaster sends the current status of your bulk inventory to your phone. No climbing!

BinCloud app makes silo levels accessible anywhere, anytime

First, network your existing or new level sensors to a gateway with a connection to the cloud. Then, subscribe to any of the BinCloud software as a service programs customized for your industry.

AgriView | BinView | CementView | FeedView | PitView| ResinView

Once you are subscribed, the BinCloud app is free and ready to use in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Grab your phone and open the iPhone App Store or Google Play

Step 2: Search for BinCloud and download the app.

Step 3: Log in to the BinCloud app, check your bin inventory.

It is that easy.

Workplaces simplified

BinCloud takes inventory in bins, tanks, or silos and organizes it in one simple software.

It does away with climbing vessels, manual measurements, and spreadsheets.

Instead, users get one login to view current levels, place orders, and generate reports.

Inventory transformed

BinCloud integrated ordering lets users create and place orders by site, vendor, vessels, material, and amount. Vendors, and the materials they provide, are set up in the user interface and orders are placed directly from the software. View order history by vendor, material, delivery date, and more. Units of measurements can be set to metric measurements.

Any material, any sensor

BinCloud isn’t limited to just solids. With the right sensors, BinCloud can create real-time, graphical reports for stored solids, slurries, powders, or liquids. If you handle bulk material, a BinMaster sales rep can integrate all your bulk products on one, easy-to-use platform, whether you use BinMaster sensors or any sensor with a 4 to 20 mA, Modbus, or HART output.

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Processing operations that struggle with the challenges of inventory management and timely replenishment of all types of solids and powders can monitor silo levels on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop with complete solutions from BinMaster....

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