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Hydro-Mix Moisture Sensor used in a Wastepaper Dryer

26 Jan 2021  |
After paper has been recycled many times, it can still be reused, for example, into animal bedding.

In this video, the Hydronix Hydro-Mix XT moisture sensor is measuring wastepaper at the output from a dryer.

The Hydro-Mix is mounted on a Hydro-Skid which enables the moisture sensor to be held in contact with the surface of the wastepaper at the end of a belt conveyor.

By introducing moisture measurement and control, the material is dried for the right amount of time avoiding wasted energy and material.

Besides reducing your wastage, introducing a moisture sensor in your processes, can also:

  • Save money on your energy bill by automatically adjusting your dryer heat.
  • Increase your production levels by automating your processes and reducing rework.
  • Deliver a consistent final product by consistently hitting moisture targets and continuously adjusting the water you are adding to your recipe.
  • Increase your competitive advantage by increasing your yield through efficient use of material.

Hydronix has 39 years of passion and expertise in developing moisture sensors and provides the best digital microwave moisture sensor technology made to last in the harshest conditions. Present in over 80 countries around the globe, Hydronix provides a network of expert engineers in the field speaking your language.

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Hydronix is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital microwave moisture measurement sensors. Established in 1982, we have installed over 85,000 sensors across a wide range of industries in over 80 countries worldwide. Our moisture sensors...

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