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Online Moisture Measurement of Bulk Materials

Online Moisture Measurement of Bulk Materials
11 Mar 2020  |
As a manufacturer of various online moisture measurement systems in the field of process control and diverse sensors, we can offer you the optimal solution for your application, even for very demanding measuring tasks.

Our highly accurate moisture analyser measures the moisture content of a wide variety of bulk solids online. The measurement takes place on the conveyor belt, bunker, silo or at the shaft. The microwave transmission technology allows non-contact measurement of the entire cross-section of the material. The result is accurate and representative online measurements for quality assurance and process optimization.

As there is no contact with the material to be measured, the sensors are not subject to any wear and tear and maintenance will never be required.

The LB 567 is predestined for applications with constant measuring conditions (e.g. constant particle size, bulk density etc.). The measurement is carried out without the need of a radiometric unit. In combination with a height sensor, the system allows for a compensation of varying bulk heights on the conveyor belt. For more demanding applications however, we recommend the use of the moisture sensor MicroPolar Moist LB 568.

The moisture measurement analyser MicroPolar Moist LB 568 is applied when the bulk density varies. Beside the moisture measurement by microwaves the system comprises also a radiometric unit to measure the area weight (mass per unit area). By combining both measurements varying bulk densities can be reliably compensated leading to a significantly improved measurement accuracy.
Typical fields of applications can be found in power plants, mining, chemical, pulp & paper and building materials industries.

New sensor from Berthold

With the new sensor for the determination of moisture content in bulk solids, Berthold has perfectly augmented its product portfolio in the field of online moisture measurement systems. A sensor with integrated signal processing is now available, which can be used on a wide variety of bulk materials with a humidity range between 0 and 30%. The installation options are manifold, e.g. on silo walls, conveyor belts, shafts or screw conveyors.

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