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What Are the Main Components of Moisture Measurement?

What Are the Main Components of Moisture Measurement?
22 Dec 2023  |
At MoistTech Corp, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable moisture detection and control solutions. Moisture control is crucial in many applications, and we understand that it is essential to have the right tools and components for effective moisture measurement. Today, we will discuss the main components of moisture measurement and their importance in moisture control.

Moisture Detection Sensors

At MoistTech, our state-of-the-art moisture detection sensors are the heart of our moisture measurement solutions. Our sensors use near-infrared technology to provide real-time, accurate moisture measurements. Detecting moisture in numerous applications allows the user numerous advantages in the production process including immediate control, increased efficiency, decreased human error and higher quality end products.

Mounted during the production process, our moisture sensors provide the user with real time measurements that are crucial in determining the quality of the product and efficiency of the process. With the ability to link back to a PLC, a closed loop process can be created. 

Create a Closed Loop Process

We offer a variety of moisture control devices including ‘on-line’ and laboratory options to best suit the needs of the user. Our NIR technology is an extremely accurate secondary method of moisture measurement. Compatible with a simple PC or connected to a PLC, these devices use the data collected by the moisture detection sensors to control the production process and adjust the moisture levels in real-time. This helps to prevent over-drying, under-drying, product waste, and other issues that could affect the quality of the final product.

Quality & Safety

Moisture detection is crucial in many industries, especially those where moisture can cause damage or affect the quality of the product or the safety of the manufacturer. In some applications, moisture can create clumps of product that effect the equipment operation, causing the operator to be forced to attempt an intervention, which in some cases can cause injury. Proactive avoidance of moisture issues by measuring the levels during production can greatly decrease the safety issues.

Quality of a product is always critical to ensure the consistency and overall satisfaction of the end user. Controlling critical moisture levels can aid in the production of a consistent, high quality product.

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