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4B Upgrades Oilseed Elevator– with AM Nyrim Elevator Buckets

4B Upgrade Oilseed Elevator- With AM Nyrim Elevator Buckets Capacity Upgrade Ande Hygiene Improvements
30 Sep 2020  |
Largest UK producer of rape/canola oil recently upgraded its main silo feed elevator to incorporate 4B's advanced anti-static AM Nyrim elevator buckets. Increasing capacity by reducing material build-up in the buckets and improving hygiene throughout the production process.


largest UK producer of rape/canola oil required an increase in the tonnage capacity of the elevator along with steps to improve hygiene and reduce the risk of salmonella contamination throughout their production facility.

Oil and dust stick to the traditional fabricated steel buckets building up and reducing the capacity of the elevator. Over time these deposits grow and can reduce the capacity of the buckets. These then start to break off in lumps and can contaminate the production process further along the refining process.


Replacing the mild steel buckets with like for like would have no benefit in that they were susceptible to damage and build up.

Proposing the newly developed AM Nyrim elevator buckets offered more robust, higher capacity throughput without needing to carry out any drive changes. The material is not damaged by knocks and bumps as it goes around the elevator.

The advanced Nyrim material is inherently antistatic without the need for additives to reduce surface resistivity.


  • Increased throughput of the elevator.
  • Spark resistant elevator materials introduced into the process.
  • Low coefficient of friction and flexibility of Nyrim material stops any build of deposits on the buckets.
  • Improved hygiene throughout the production process.
  • Impact resistance of Nyrim less susceptible to damage than fabricated mild steel buckets.

The ATLAS AM Nyrim Elevator Bucket

Suitable for the very toughest of industrial applications. The Atlas AM bucket is anti-static, fire-resistant, and almost indestructible even in industrial applications, such as aggregates.

Product Features

  • Antistatic material with excellent surface resistivity dissipating properties, ideal for ATEX applications
  • Non-stick properties are enhanced by a smooth surface and open bucket design
  • Ultra heavy-duty design and construction: material up to 6 times stronger than other industrial plastic elevator buckets
  • Versatile bucket: suitable for heavy industrial, grain, and sticky material applications


Founded in 1971 as a subsidiary of The Braime Group, 4B Braime Components has been an industry leader in developing high quality, innovative, and dependable material handling components for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

4B’s product line ranges from elevator buckets, elevator bolts and drop forged conveyor chain to level monitors, speed switches and hazard monitoring systems.  With offices in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia along with a worldwide network of distributors, 4B can provide practical solutions for applications in any location.

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