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Tabletop Mixer Features Interchangeable Mixing Chambers

25 Apr 2023  |
Gericke Laboratory Mixer Accommodates Wide Range of Batch Sizes on Same Platform

The Multiflux® GMS Laboratory Mixer from process equipment manufacturer Gericke features interchangeable mixing chambers. Devised to offer versatility in new product development, formulating, and testing, the tabletop mixer allows the mixing chamber to be easily removed and replaced with another mixing chamber in a range of sizes to accommodate a wide range of batch volumes using a single mixing platform. Or, while one mixing chamber is removed for cleaning, a second mixing chamber may be used to keep the process moving forward without incurring significant downtime.

Suitable for mixing and blending food, dairy, nutrition, chemical, pharmaceutical and other products, the compact GMS Laboratory Mixer is available with interchangeable mixing chambers in three different sizes to suit usable volumes from as low as one liter up to 15 liters. The GMS 10-, 14-, and 21-liter mixing chambers include the company’s proprietary double rotor design that quickly combines multiple powders and liquids in a homogeneous mixture within 30 seconds, even with materials in small quantities below 0.01 percent.

The benchtop mixer includes stainless steel construction as standard and is offered in an ATEX-certified, explosion-proof design as an option. The mixer may be tested at the company’s New Jersey test laboratory.

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