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Dinnissen Bag Emptying System Saves Two FTEs per Truck

4 Apr 2024  |
Steinweg is an international player in the logistics world, with more than 5,500 employees across over 50 countries. The organization handles storage, transshipment, freight forwarding, chartering, and other logistics services for the global commodity trade. Founded in Rotterdam in 1847 as a shipping agent, Steinweg expanded its services to include warehousing services in 1895. Over the years, Steinweg has significantly increased its number of locations, including a new facility at the Port of Amsterdam. This location is dedicated entirely to the storage and handling of one product: cocoa.

Extensive cocoa storage facilities 

Cocoa from locations all around the world ends up at Steinweg. The organization provides storage for cocoa purchased by customers until they need it delivered. The cocoa is stored in spaces with the right temperature and humidity to maintain product quality and deter pests. Cocoa arrives in containers, either in bulk or already packed in bags. All bags arriving at Steinweg are stored using four pallet machines. A full pallet weighs as much as 1.5 tons and can be stored until the client needs the cocoa. Some customers prefer their cocoa delivered in bulk rather than in bags. For these customers, the bags of cocoa are emptied using Dinnissen’s DIMA® Fully-Automatic Bag Emptying System.

A pallet full of cocoa bags arrives at the conveyor belt leading to the DIMA® 1200 Bag Emptying System.

“Dinnissen is the first company we’ve worked with that delivers a total package. Because Dinnissen supplied the entire installation, including platforms and safety installations, the entire line is CE-certified.”

Michel Kliphuis, manager at Steinweg Amsterdam

Automated transition from bag to bulk 

With its multiple storage locations, loading and unloading spots, and all the necessary facilities for storing jute bags, Big Bags, and bulk, Steinweg Amsterdam is fully equipped to accommodate tons of cocoa. Depending on customer preference, Steinweg can additionally perform a pre-cleaning. This makes an initial separation between the cocoa and contaminants such as twigs, metal-containing materials, clusters, flakes, and dust. In 2007, Steinweg approached Dinnissen for a bag emptying system to be used prior to this pre-cleaning process. Dinnissen then supplied a DIMA® 1200 Bag Emptying System.

The DIMA® 1200 Bag Empting System provides automatic feeding, cutting, and emptying of bags, after which the product and bag are separated and exit the system independently. A few years later, Steinweg again enlisted Dinnissen for an expansion. A second automatic bag emptier was installed, to convert bagged goods to bulk as efficiently as possible, ready to be sent to the customer. This project was completed a little less than a year ago.

Dinnissen as the sole provider for a safe line 

Michel Kliphuis, manager at Steinweg in Amsterdam, shares: “We had a clear vision of what we wanted, and now it’s a reality. Previously, all bags were manually cut open and emptied. This was not only labor-intensive but also an unsafe work situation. With Dinnissen, we have one provider that ensures we meet all safety requirements. We were looking for a company with experience in mechanical engineering and knowledge of machine safety. This ensured that safety considerations were included in the development of the installation. Dinnissen is the first company we’ve worked with that delivers a total package. Normally you buy various components that are individually certified, but not as a whole. Because Dinnissen supplied the entire installation, including platforms and safety installations, the entire line is CE-certified.”

The DIMA® 1200 Bag Emptying System at Steinweg.

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