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New Hoses with Innovative TP Lining

New Hoses with Innovative TP Lining
11 Mar 2022  |
Masterflex is launching a new industrial hose with an innovative thermoplastic lining. Initial prototypes are already available, with series production planned for early 2023. The first prototypes of the new hose have nominal diameters (DN) of 50 to 80 millimeters. In the future, the new hose series will be available in nominal widths between 38 and 152 millimeters. Hose lengths of up to 20 meters are planned.

Like Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance, the new hose is made from a single piece (“cast”) on the inside and is therefore absolutely smooth. Application-optimized PUR compensates for profiling and gives the hose its unique internal smoothness and lack of edges. This gives it optimum flow properties, makes it ideal for highly abrasive applications, saves energy and is easy to clean.

A special feature is that the new hose can be combined in many different ways on the material side. This makes it further modifiable – for example in terms of its abrasion and chemical resistance. In addition, the inner lining can be realized with different Shore hardnesses, so that the flexibility of the hose can be individually adapted to the requirements.  

In contrast to the inline and performance hoses, the color of the inner and outer walls can be changed individually. Additives such as antistatics or UV stabilizers can also be added, or the sliding properties can be further improved.

For the new hoses, we offer firmly cast-on flanges for absolutely tight connections. Further development of the hoses for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries is also being planned.

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