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Constant Innovation for Superior Metal Detection

Constant Innovation for Superior Metal Detection
30 Jan 2020  |
Bunting is a company that focuses on being at the forefront of innovation and product development. When Bunting initially develops a product, we are not content to leave it “as is,” but we instead devote the expertise of our in-house engineering team to constantly update our products.

We seek to make continuous improvements that benefit our customers and deliver a higher standard of excellence in magnetic separation, conveying, and metal detection.

A great deal of Bunting’s efforts in recent years have been spent improving our metal detection equipment, particularly our meTRON™ 05 and 07 CI. Our latest generation of closed loop tunnel-style metal detectors have added triple frequency signal processing in order to achieve greater sensitivities. These new integrated controls enhance the innovative imagePHASE platform that was previously offered by Bunting. These controls allow the processor to learn a packaged food product in three different conditions, selecting the one that yields the greatest sensitivity. This allows Bunting metal detectors to sense through layers of bagged or packaged material and pick out even the slightest fragment of metal that may linger as a contaminant.

The detector’s updated controls display expected sensitivities to the operator reflecting all three major metal types–ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel. The units are also equipped with the autoTEST™ feature, which verifies the detector’s sensitivities and calibrations are being properly achieved without manually passing test blocks. The autoTEST™ is programmable for a wide variety of user-defined testing intervals, as well as a variety of metal sizes.

“When metal fragments are found in packaged goods, the cost is money, customers, and reputations,” stated Barry Voorhees, Product Manager of Metal Detection at Bunting. “The industry is demanding greater protection measures be put in place, and we are responding to those demands. We believe our customers will appreciate the new optional controls on our tunnel-style detectors that amplify metal-detection sensitivities, as well as our other new features such as USB interfaces for quality control logs and color touchscreens.”

Bunting’s tunnel-style metal detector is a versatile piece of equipment that can be configured to fit any conveying system, with standard reject systems and varied aperture sizes available to fit a wide range of packaged goods. To learn more about Bunting’s innovative products and high sensitivity metal detectors, contact us today.

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