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The Raptor Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

The Raptor Spark Detection and Extinguishing System is an FM approved safety system designed to reduce the risk of ignition of fire or explosion in dust collection systems. It is made up of (3x) primary components, several auxiliary components, and many complementary components. The primary components are the Spark Detection Control Unit, commonly referred to as the RS-CUSP1L Control Unit, the Spark Detector(s), and the Extinguishing Unit.

The Raptor Spark Detection & Extinguishing Control Unit (RS-CUSP1L) is designed to minimize the risk of fire and explosion in dust filtration and pneumatic conveying systems. This control unit communicates with a variety of components to monitor and protect up to six individual zones. The Control Unit (RS-CUSP1L) is FM Approved.

The Spark Detector (RS-SD02) is designed to work with the RS-CUSP1L control unit. The Spark Detector uses advanced technology and circuit, sensitive to infrared light to detect sparks, flames, and incandescent material that passes in front of its optical element. The Spark Detector (RS-SD02) is FM Approved and ATEX Certified.

The Thermal Probe (RS-TP02) is designed to work either as a thermovelocimetric output (rapid raise in temperature in a short amount of time), or as a thermostatic output (fixed temperature threshold) to alarm the RS-CUSP1L Control Unit of potential fire hazards in the ductwork, dust collector units, hoppers, cyclones and etc. The Thermal Probe (RS-TP02) is FM Approved and ATEX Certified.

The Dust Probe (RS-DP03) is a charge displacement probe that uses the principle of the displacement of the electric charge in the electrode. It signals the RS-CUSP1L Control Unit when there is an increase in the concentration of dust levels which could potentially indicate the rupture or ineffective operation of dust filters and/or dust bags. The Dust Probe (RS-DP03) is FM Approved and ATEX Certified.

The Firebreak Shutter EM-FBS is engineered to isolate fires and fire hazards in process ventilation and dust collecting applications. Firebreak Shutters EM-FBS are installed in a multitude of applications ranging from wood dust, metal dust, oil mist and/or any other process that has a fire hazard. Preventative (active) and reactive (passive) solutions are available.

The Raptor Breath™ CO2 Fire Suppression System has the capability to provide protection from class A, B, and C fires in dust collecting vessels up to 900ft³.

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