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How Our Vibro & Inline Machines Can Assist Your Bulk Feeder

How Our Vibro & Inline Machines Can Assist Your Bulk Feeder - BulkInside - Galaxy Sivtek
6 Sep 2023  |
An increasing number of manufacturers are integrating bulk feeders into their production lines to enhance raw material quality and control.

It is a machine or device used in various industrial and manufacturing processes to handle and dispense bulk materials in a controlled and efficient manner. The specific functionalities of a bulk feeder can vary depending on its design and intended use, but here are some common functionalities:

  1. Material Handling: Bulk feeders are designed to handle a wide range of bulk materials, such as granules, powders, pellets, or even liquids, depending on the type of feeder. These materials can include everything from food products to chemicals to construction materials.
  2. Batch Processing: Some bulk feeders are used in batch processing applications where specific quantities of materials need to be dispensed at predetermined intervals. These feeders can be programmed to dispense materials in batches as needed.
  3. Conveying: Bulk feeders may also incorporate conveying mechanisms, such as belts, augers, or vibratory trays, to transport materials from a storage hopper to the desired location or process.

While bulk feeders are essential equipment for handling and dispensing raw materials in various industrial and manufacturing processes, they do have limitations when it comes to processing and filtering raw materials.

Limitations of bulk feeders

Here are a few challenges that the conventional bulk feeders aren’t equipped for:

  1. Material Contamination: Bulk feeders may not be effective at filtering out contaminants or foreign objects from raw materials. This limitation can be critical in industries like food processing and pharmaceuticals, where product purity and safety are paramount.
  2. Size and Particle Size Variability: When dealing with raw materials that have a wide range of particle sizes or irregular shapes, bulk feeders may struggle to maintain consistent feeding rates or accuracy, leading to variations in product quality.
  3. Limited Precision: While bulk feeders are designed to provide accurate feeding, they may not achieve the same level of precision as specialized equipment in certain applications. For extremely precise dosing or mixing requirements, additional equipment or methods may be necessary.
  4. Limited Material Compatibility: Bulk feeders are designed for specific types of materials, and they may not be suitable for all raw materials. For example, certain abrasive, corrosive, or extremely fine materials can cause excessive wear and tear on feeder components, leading to reduced lifespan and maintenance challenges.

How our machines can mitigate these limitations

In order to overcome these challenges that bulk feeders aren’t designed for, we offer our high-functioning sifters and screeners that will exponentially improve the quality of your raw materials while making your processing even more efficient.

When it comes to seamless integration with any bulk feeder machines, 2 of our sifters outshine them all:

1.   Inline Sivtek

The Inline Sivtek is widely recognized in the industry for its distinctive design and compact sieves, making it an exceptionally efficient inline vibro sifter capable of handling fine mesh materials while reducing screening time. It excels in various roles, such as raw material screening, in-process screening, pre-packaging screening, and de-dusting.

What distinguishes the Inline Sivtek Single Motor from conventional single-motor screeners is its innovative design. This machine minimizes the movement of screened materials by strategically placing the inlet and material discharge outlet along the centerline. This results in delivering optimal capacity while ensuring high throughput and expediting the screening process.

This ingenious design not only yields cost-effective results but also reduces maintenance expenses due to its compact structure, which requires minimal space. Installation and adjustment are hassle-free due to its minimal headroom requirements, saving both time and effort.

2.   Sivtek Vibro Separator

The SIVTEK Vibro Separator is a top-tier gyro separator machine meticulously crafted by industry experts to address a broad spectrum of sieving requirements across various sectors. Its versatility shines through in its ability to handle scalping, de-dusting, and gradation tasks with remarkable efficiency, which your bulk feeder can’t.

This machine boasts strategically positioned vibratory motors that orchestrate a precise circular motion, significantly boosting productivity. The presence of eccentric weights on both the upper and lower ends of the motion generator shaft ensures high-intensity vibrations. The upper weight adeptly disperses materials across the screen, while the lower weight imparts vertical vibrations. This symmetrical material distribution accelerates the screening process, which is particularly advantageous for bulk screening operations.

The SIVTEK Vibro Separator delivers an array of benefits, including heightened screening capacity and the capability to achieve five distinct gradations in a single operation. It ranks among the most versatile machines available, finely tuned for precision screening and exceptional gradation accuracy. Its vibrating sieve is fortified with woven mesh, guaranteeing an extended lifespan without any disruptive downtime.

Integrate Galaxy Sivtek’s Vibro Sifters to enhance the capabilities of your Bulk Feeder

They are the perfect equipment to mitigate the numerous challenges that bulk feeders aren’t capable of dealing with. Not only can they improve the quality of your products, they can drastically minimize your processing time and yield higher output.

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