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Screening Machine Drastically Increases Production Capacity Fertilizer Company

Problems Faced by The Fertilizer Company
30 Jun 2022  |
Being one of the most crucial components in the agriculture and harvesting industry, fertilizers play a major role in guiding and nurturing crops to reach their full potential. And with the rising demands for the agricultural sector, not being able to meet the capacity and standards of leading manufacturers can put a damper on your future prospects.

One such company that was standing at such a crossroads was a renowned fertilizer company from Gujarat. They are one of the leading fertilizer pellets manufacturers in India who are shaping the territory of sustainable agriculture in the country. Their mission is to change the way we grow our food and make them more sustainable and healthier for people to consume. 

While investigating their production capability and trying to extend it, they were facing numerous problems with their processing capacity and efficiency of their sieving machines. In order to mitigate their problems, they reached out to us to find a reliable solution for their problem.

Problems Faced by The Fertilizer Company

As they were using our 48” conventional vibro sieve to carry out their screening purposes, it was comparatively easier for us to find out the limitations and drawbacks of their pertaining infrastructure. Here are the major problems we observed over careful inspection: 

  • The vibro screens were taking up too much of the space and limited the number of machines that they could install in their processing line. This played a major role in stagnating their screening capacity and saleable inventory.  
  • With the present infrastructure, they were only able to process about 1 to 2 tons of fertilizer pellets which made it impossible for them to compete in the market and meet the rising demands of the market. 
  • On further inspection, we also realised that the machines were not very efficient at screening the fertilizer pellets. They provided an accuracy of only 80% to 85%, which was below the customer’s expectations. 
  • As the fertilizer pellets have a comparatively low bulk density, the high vibrations of the vibro sieve caused a lot of pellets to break. Such immense pellet breakage can adversely affect the crop output.
  • Due to the inefficiency of screening, the sieving machines were eliminating a lot of good materials. This resulted in incurring a huge product loss, which majorly impacted their sales capacity and expansion. 

Our Solution: Sivtek Tumbler Screen 

After carefully understanding and analysing these deep-rooted problems with fertilizer company’s screening infrastructure, we found out that they required a screening machine which can drastically increase their production capacity, without damaging the low-density fertilizer pellets. The machine should be able to gently process the pellets while speeding up the entire screening process. 

To mitigate these major screening problems, we recommended our robust and uniquely constructed inline Vibro sifter- The Sivtek Tumbler Screen

Acclaimed as one of the most efficient tumbler screening machines available in the market, the Sivtek Tumbler Screen is an amazing machine that can process at a wide range of mesh sizes. While being an ideal choice for screening materials with a low bulk density and fine particle requirements, the gyratory screens in the Tumbler Screen have a low headroom which allows you to increase your capacity and efficiency.  

Sivtek Tumbler Screen enabled the fertilizer company to solve this problem to transform their screening and processing capacity: 

  • The 3-dimensional elliptical motion which allows the machine to set radial and tangential inclination helped the company increase their production capacity by 3 times. While they were initially able to only screen 1 to 2 tons, now they are capable of screening up to 5 tons. 
  • The ingenious design of our tumbler screening machines provides immediate solutions to sieve a wide range of products, ranging from low-bulk density or mixtures with very fine particles. This allowed the fertilizer company to install multiple machines which made their processing infrastructure even more efficient. 
  • The quality of the finished products also heightened considerably. While they were able to screen their fertilizer pellets at an 80-85% efficiency, now they are able to achieve an efficiency of about 95 – 98%, which is way above the customer’s expectations. 
  • The gentle and coherent screening mechanism of the machine was also able to retain the integrity of the raw materials, which drastically cut down any production loss. Furthermore, the gradation control on the Tumbler Screen also helped them to screen a wider range of raw materials. 
  • They were able to experience the return on investment by 7-8 months, which made shifting to this high calibre machine even more profitable.  

While our conventional gyratory screens and vibro screens limited the fertilizer company’s processing capacity, we were able to mitigate those problems with our new and advanced Sivtek Tumbler Screens. Not only did it help them increase their screening capacity, it allowed them to reach higher accuracy and coherence in their finished products, which put them at a desirable state in the competitive market.

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