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Calizamar Uses Crushing Technology From BHS-Sonthofen To Produce Sand

Calizamar Uses Crushing Technology From BHS-Sonthofen To Produce Sand
16 Jun 2021  |
The Dominican building materials manufacturer Calizamar, S.A. relies on crushing technology from BHS-Sonthofen.

The company has commissioned the BHS rotor impact mill of type RPM 1513 to produce high-quality crushed sand. With this machine, there are now three crushing plants from BHS-Sonthofen in operation in the Caribbean.

In the building materials industry, not all sand is the same – and the same goes for countries blessed with picturesque Caribbean beaches such as the Dominican Republic. Not all naturally occurring sand has a form and composition that is suitable for the construction industry. In particular, the demand for dry and fine sand for dry mortar and concrete production is constantly increasing. That is why companies such as Calizamar need high-quality crushed sand with consistently reliable properties for their products. As its original mobile impact crushers were unable to produce appropriate crushed sand with the desired high cubicity, the search for new, suitable machines led Calizamar to BHS-Sonthofen.

The company opted for a BHS rotor impact mill of type RPM 1513. The high-performance crusher features a vertical shaft and delivers a high crushing ratio as well as an excellent cubic particle shape. It is based on an impeller rotor that uses BHS’s unique crushing principle: the high circumferential speed of the rotor results in an almost permanent gap between the tips of the horseshoe-shaped hammers and the anvil ring. Small gap width and the high energy input due to the circumferential speed produce a targeted, very high crushing ratio. The result, in percentage terms, is a higher proportion of fine sand in the grain spectrum from 0 to 2 mm.

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