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Designed for Demanding Applications when Handling Abrasive Materials such as Sand, Gravel, Whole Grains, and Coal.

24 Jan 2023  |
Available with optional inlets, chute liners, and bucket liners extend the life of the diverter. A standard access panel allows for quick and easy entry to the interior of the diverter for inspecting and cleaning.

The heavy-duty abrasion resistant bucket is also removable while the diverter is in-line reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Handles sand, gravel, whole grains, and coal
  • Optional replaceable abrasion-resistant liners
  • Heavy-duty bucket that addressees material impact and wear
  • Removable access door for internal inspection, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Bucket seals reduce interior dusting
  • Serviceable while in-line
  • Optional interior dead-pockets allow material to impact on itself reducing wear
  • Optional return pan prevents dusting to the atmosphere

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