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The POLYGRAN® Roller Compactor is the Latest Addition to Gerteis® Roller Compactors

The POLYGRAN® Roller Compactor is the Latest Addition to Gerteis® Roller Compactors
30 Jun 2021  |
The POLYGRAN® roller compactors come in two versions - one is our smallest roller compactor, the Mini-Polygran® hits the perfect balance between performance and flexibility for placement within the laboratory. This machine can process materials as few as 10g and up to 50kg/h.

The other one is the bigger brother, the Polygran®, designed for seamless scale-up from its little brother and with a throughput of up to 300kg/h, created for simplified handling and feeding system for even easier accessibility.

These unique roller compactors feature simplified handling and controls, effortless maintenance due to the cleverly engineered parts assembly, resulting in one of the industry’s fastest changeover times, due to the unique POLYGRAN® – setup of individual machine parts.

POLYGRAN® Roller Compactors Feature:

The POLYGRAN® roller compactor is the latest addition of Gerteis® roller compactors
  • Unique feeding system guarantees a constant power feed to the rollers
  • Integrated two-step granulation system
  • Advanced sealing system for higher product containment
  • Validated force and gap measurement
  • Longer dwell times compared with other Roller Compactors due to the larger roller diameter.
  • A range of different roller surfaces is available to optimise your process.
  • Constant product quality and properties
  • Virtual no heat gain with the Gerteis® patented angled roller design.
  • Compact design for laboratory and production environment
  • Reduced number of parts for quick changeover and simple cleaning procedures

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