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K160: The Most Powerful Pneumatic Knocker in the World

9 May 2023  |
singold gerätetechnik gmbh produces and sells the world's most powerful pneumatic knocker. While competitor models can at best cover a wall thickness of up to 12 mm, the K160 can knock walls with a thickness of up to 25 mm. This makes it suitable for massive, heavy-duty containers. For example, it is used in the mining industry for discharge chutes, in the building materials industry for gravel bunker outlets, in the chemical industry for mixing plants, in the lime industry for silos with a capacity of over 200 tonnes and in the fertiliser industry.

Supernatural Strength

The powerful model has an impact energy of 423 newton metres. This corresponds to the energy generated when a weight of 42.3 kg is dropped from a height of 1 metre. This high impact energy cannot be achieved with human forces, even if a 20 kg sledgehammer were used. The reason? The acceleration and, consequently, the final velocity of the impact weight in the knocker is far higher than the final velocity that a human being can generate.

When the piston, which is designed as a magnet, is pulled off the anchor plate, the acceleration in the K160 pneumatic knocker is about 25 g = 250 m/s². When the magnet hits the striker at a speed of about 7 m/s, accelerations of up to 3000 g = 30,000 m/s² occur. This is one of the fastest values in applied technology. Due to the lower acceleration, a human being would need about two to three times as much hammer weight as the knocker impact weight to generate the same impact energy as the K160 knocker.

Largest pneumatic knocker K160 mounted below sand split hopper. Outlet hopper with a size of 4×4 meters, a wall thickness of 20mm and an outlet of 500×500 millimeters.

Knocking at the Limits of Technology

K160 from singold - The Most Powerful Pneumatic Knocker in the World

The pneumatic knockers from singold gerätetechnik gmbh are true masterpieces in the art of engineering: they create the greatest possible impact with the lowest possible dead weight, thereby testing the limits of technology. The K160 model weighs 62 kg and has compact external dimensions, meaning the knocker can easily be retrofitted into existing plants.

The sophisticated design of our pneumatic knocker could even enable the engineers at singold gerätetechnik gmbh to produce more powerful models than the K160, which could knock walls with a thickness of over 25 mm. However, there is a lack of possible applications for such potent knockers.

The Right Knocker for Every Plant

singold gerätetechnik gmbh offers a variety of other knockers in addition to the world’s most powerful one. Depending on the operating temperature, application area and wall thickness, a different model is optimally suited in each case ((Link zum anderen neuen Artikel)). Our experts will be happy to advise you with their extensive knowledge in order to find the best individual solution to avoid problems in material flow.

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The original for over 50 years: The world’s first and most powerful pneumatic knocker was developed by singold gerätetechnik gmbh. Also from the specialists for material flow solutions: the flap shutter for the complete emptying...

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