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Kason Fluid Bed Processor Upgrade Offers mode Drying Control

Kason Fluid Bed Processor Upgrade Offers mode Drying Control
7 Dec 2022  |
VIBRO-BED’s energy-efficient, user-friendly design, optimises airflow for faster material drying, cooling and more

Kason has upgraded its popular VIBRO-BED fluid bed processor with new features designed to regulate pressure and temperature more efficiently for faster material drying and increased throughput.

Fluid bed processors dry, moisturise, heat or cool bulk material by causing it to vibrate on a screen or perforated surface within a rising column of heated, chilled or moisturised air. In addition to faster drying, Kason’s upgraded controls make it easier for operators with minimal training to run batch or continuous material processing.

“This upgrade makes one of the industry’s most energy- and cost-efficient fluid bed dryers even better,” said Seth Vance, CEO of Advanced Material Processing, Kason’s parent company. “Along with further improving performance to help decrease processing time, the ability to record operational data and troubleshoot issues remotely in real-time helps minimise downtime for an even greater return on investment.”

Kason’s updated VIBRO-BED dryer also offers customers:

  • An energy-efficient circular design that utilises 100% of surface area to optimise airflow for faster drying, less waste and a more consistent product. 
  • Eight compact models ranging from 610 to 2125 mm (24 to 84 in.) in diameter that provide fast, cost-effective installation and conserve valuable floor space. 
  • A remote control-enabled PLC panel with HMI screen to control temperature and optimise energy use.
  • Lighter materials and fewer welded seams to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.
  • Configurations for scalping, de-dusting, agglomerating or de-agglomerating materials while they are dried, cooled or moisturised to save on the cost of operating separate equipment.

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