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Kason’s Popular Fluid Bed Now Offers More Drying Control

Kason’s Popular Fluid Bed Now Offers More Drying Control
24 Feb 2023  |

Did you know Kason’s popular VIBRO-BED fluid bed processor now comes with features that help processors dry material faster and more efficiently?

A new remote control-enabled PLC panel makes it easier for operators with minimal training to regulate temperature, humidity and pressure while running batch or continuous processing. In addition to speeding up drying time, it provides critical operational data to troubleshoot potential performance issues before they occur. This helps you stay up and running.


Fluid bed processors dry, moisturize, heat or cool bulk material by causing it to vibrate on a screen or perforated surface within a rising column of heated, chilled or moisturized air. Typical industry applications include Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and many others.


VIBRO-BED’s inherent circular design also offers several distinct advantages over rectangular-shaped fluid beds:

  • More consistent heating throughout the fluid bed
  • Continuous internal back mixing for drying more sluggish/hard-to-fluidize materials
  • Smaller footprint per volume processed
  • Spiral motion without corners eliminates clumping and accelerates drying of material
  • Easier and faster cleaning and inspection with a quick-clean sanitary design
  • Compliance with stringent standards including 3-A, USDA, FDA and BISCC

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