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Clear Action Gate Excellent Choice for Handling Dry Bulk Materials

11 Oct 2023  |
The Clear Action Gate is an innovative solution engineered for effective dry bulk material handling. Its unique construction from specialized polymers and metals ensures application-specific durability, while its lightweight design and narrow profile facilitate easy installation even in confined spaces.

One of the gate’s salient features is its ability to create a positive seal against pressure from below, thus preventing air loss into upstream equipment. This feature is particularly beneficial in isolating a rotary airlock from a feeder above. The gate’s sealing mechanism employs live-loaded, hard polymer pressure plate seals that offer superior wear resistance and longevity.

Furthermore, the Clear Action Gate eliminates common issues found in alternative slide gates and butterfly valves, such as metal-on-metal sliding, galling, and wedging. It can handle differential pressures up to 15 psig and is suitable for gravity flow and dilute phase pneumatic conveying applications. The gate is capable of managing non-abrasive to moderately abrasive powders, pellets, and granules.

In summary, the Clear Action Gate combines robust construction, positive sealing capabilities, and minimal maintenance requirements to offer an efficient and reliable solution for pneumatic conveying systems. Its technical superiority and customizability make it an excellent choice for handling dry bulk materials.

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