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Bulk Material Handling Solutions by Polimak

10 Jan 2023  |
Dry bulk materials in the forms of powders, granules and pellets are handled in many various industrial applications. Bulk material handling processes such as discharging (unloading), feeding, mixing, conveying, loading and many others necessitate the use of bulk material handling solutions.

Depending on the application, a broad range of equipment configurations are possible for the purpose of achieving an efficient and effective operating plant.

Polimak bulk material handling solutions are engineered to particularly meet the specific requirements of various industrial applications. This simply ensures the deliverance of state-of-the-art industrial technologies for complex problems. The basic roles of our dry bulk material handling technologies are to efficiently discharge (unload), feed, transport, and load dry bulk solids to processing units whenever necessary with reduced downtime.

Our bulk material handling solutions are enormously beneficial in numerous industries for delivering quality handling of dry bulk solids. A safer and cleaner working surrounding, efficient bulk material flow regulation, minimised dust emission and product loss, improved material discharge from silos and hoppers – material bridging, ratholing and segregation prevention, and easier manoeuvrability in a working plant are some of the benefits offered by our bulk material handling equipment. Some of the industries that we serve include food, plastics, chemicals, cement, agriculture, steel and iron, and mining. These industries benefit a great deal from our bulk material handling solutions.

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Polimak is a solution provider in bulk solids handling industry with 40 years of experience. Though, our main product lines are bulk solid handling, conveying, dosing, batching, dust collection, filter systems and pumps. Food, cement,...

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