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Companies Need to Prepare for Global Population Growth

16 May 2022  |
DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, producer of rotary valves and diverter valves for the dry bulk industry, introduces a sharpened positioning that is entirely focused on future-proofing its customers.

In 2030, the world’s population will grow to 8.5 billion, in 2050 to 9.7 billion and in 2100 to 11.2 billion. As a result, the demand for food and products such as infant formula, paint and pet food will increase dramatically and there will be increasing pressure to produce more in a shorter time. Making the dry bulk industry future-proof has therefore never been more important. The sharpened positioning of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE consists of an adjusted mission, values, brand story, brand identity and a corresponding new international campaign. The company is prepared for the demands of the industry, and with the campaign it shows its ability to prepare customers for future growth.

‘Future-proofing you’ is the name of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE’s latest campaign which is part of its sharpened positioning. The company is deeply committed to preparing its customers in the infant formula, food, pet food, paint and aquaculture industries, among others, for the challenges that the growth of the world’s population entails. For example, there are ever-increasing demands for quality, safety, hygiene, reliability and ease of use, and more needs to be produced in a shorter time. This means that there are also increasingly high demands on the standards for rotary valves and diverter valves. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is prepared for this and with its sharpened positioning wants to make clear to its customers that it has the knowledge, skills and experience to offer solutions that are completely sustainable and future-proof.

Anticipating increasing production demand

Wim Korndorffer, CEO of DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, is proud of the company’s journey. “It has been our mission for more than 70 years to provide the world of dry bulk solids handling with high-end quality that proves its value for year after year. Of course we still stand by that, but we also have to anticipate the increasing demand for all kinds of products and goods. Just look at the billions of mouths that need to be fed in the coming years, our high-quality rotary valves for the food industry can contribute to that. Our mission is to convince our customers that the only sustainable choice are future-proof solutions, and at the same time preparing them for this future.”


DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is active worldwide and has a large international network of distributors and its own production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany and the US. Among other things, the company created an international video to showcase this sharpened positioning to its customers worldwide. “We enjoy working with our customers to create innovative, tailor-made solutions for all applications in any industry. The ever-changing world demands this as well. It is our job to create solutions that meet all new requirements and standards, which are also easy to maintain and minimize downtime. In short: being future-proof is what it’s all about.”

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Future-proofing the world of dry bulk handling 70 years ago, we made a choice at DMN-WESTINGHOUSE that has defined our future. As an independent company, we made it our mission to provide the world of...