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Alvibra Vibratory Feeders Designed for Specific Project Layout

Alvibra feeders
5 Sep 2023  |
Alvibra Feeders are designed in a very wide range of sizes and executions and are mostly custom for the purpose and adapted to capacity.

Alvibra feeders are designed in different grades, sizes, open or closed, for different products and sometimes also adapted to fi a specific project layout.

Closed Feeder for animal feed pellets – Vibration Motor Drive

  • Vibration Motor Drive
  • Enclosed execution and hanging mount
  • Full-access lid, handle, hinges, and quick-locks o Shock-dampers
  • Stainless steel for animal feed pellets
  • In- and outlet design for soft product handling
  • Design for reduced product contact with gaskets

Open Industrial High-Stroke Feeder – VibraDrive™

  • Silent, smooth, high-stroke VibraDrive™ system
  • Instant start & stop
  • Safe one-direction motion
  • 2-mass concept & reduced dynamic loads transfer o Gentle product handling – easy adjustability
  • Gentle product handling – easy adjustability
  • Open execution
  • Angled outlet for 90-degree delivery

Open Foodgrade Feeding Hopper – powered by ViFlex™

  • Silent, smooth, high-stroke ViFlex™ drive
  • Feeding hopper food grade wash-down execution
  • Vibrating unit with removable stainless enclosure
  • Instant start & stop
  • Easy and flexible speed/capacity adjustment
  • Hopper for receiving food bulk products
  • Delivery of products for process or packing lines
  • Adjustable outlet rakes or similar
  • Various sizes and shapes

Open Foodgrade Feeder with Screen – Vibration Motor Drive

  • Inlet design with spreading feature
  • Removeable wedge-wire screens
  • For food items dewatering or fines removal
  • Stainless coil spring support
  • Shock dampers for reducing start-/stop bouncing
  • Delivery of products for process or packing lines
  • Various sizes and shapes

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Alvibra is an innovative and customer-oriented supplier of various machines and solutions including product screening, -conveying, -handling and -feeding. Vibration technology is in our blood thru more than 30 years, but we also deliver other...

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