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MZC-I and MZC-II Rotary Valves, The Future Standard of Safety, Hygiene and Cleanability

10 May 2023  |
Maximize your industry output, while maintaining the highest possible standards of safety, hygiene and cleanability.

With our latest MZC-series rotary valves, you can outperform yourself and your competition on any level. Choose the compact MZC-I for any duty and use its easy-access single opening to keep it clean.

Does your industry require the highest possible standards of hygiene? The MZC-II offers you ultimate cleanability through double-sided access to the rotor and valve body.

Install the future of safety, hygiene and cleanability today.

Our MZC-I and MZC-II rotary valves are ATEX and UKCA ‘Ex’ (UKEX) certified for both dust and gas.

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