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The Vortex HDP Gate Ideal for Dense Phase Conveying

1 Dec 2023  |
The Vortex HDP Gate represents an advanced slide gate solution, expertly crafted for high-pressure scenarios involving non-abrasive to moderately abrasive powders, pellets, or granules.

Its sturdy construction comprises a resilient silicone O-ring seal (durometer 70) and a bonnet seal cartridge with a PTFE-treated packing gland, specifically designed to exhibit outstanding wear resistance and durability. The gate boasts a unique sliding blade design, ensuring thorough self-cleaning with each actuation, thereby reducing material carryback and minimizing actuation complications.

Furthermore, the gate’s Special Service Inlet affords protection to the O-ring seal against direct material contact, thereby enhancing the seal’s durability and ensuring a positive seal with minimal maintenance requirements. With the added convenience of external blade adjustability for restoring compression load against the O-ring seal, the Vortex HDP Gate stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment in delivering technically superior, customer-oriented solutions for a wide array of pneumatic conveying applications.

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Vortex Global Limited is considered the world leader in valves for handling dry bulk solids. Vortex engineers and manufactures slide gates, diverters, iris valves, and loading spouts specifically for handling dry bulk powders, pellets, granules,...

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