Belt Scales with Cloud-Based Mobile App

Belt Scales with Cloud-Based Mobile App
Belt-Way Scale’s conveyor belt scales provide a simple, yet versatile design that fits any conveyor width. They can be installed on portable or stationary scales, provide quick setup, and easy calibration. Self-storing test weights allow for scale calibration in a matter of minutes.

You can monitor one or multiple scales from a central location with the Belt-Way integrator. Reset totals and perform zero calibration on any or all scales simultaneously at the touch of a button.

The Plant Connect mobile app provides access to detailed production reports displaying material flow rate analysis, downtime, empty belt time, efficiency reports, and more from any internet capable device. Onsite internet or cellular options are available.

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Belt-Way Scales Inc. has been designing and manufacturing scale products to meet the accurate weighing needs across multiple industries and applications since 1992. Beltway Scales one of the industry’s leading conveyor belt scale manufacturers and our customers and distribution partners continue to place their trust in our product knowledge and expertise. We ...

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