ICE Processing on Thayer Scale S-24T Model Weigh Belt

The Thayer Scale S-24T model weigh belt is exceptionally rugged and highly accurate. It can be customized in many ways to meet a customer's unique design requirements.

Its simplified construction and calibration result from suspending a complete fixed speed conveyor from a Thayer Flexure Scale. The S-24T unit adapts well to existing vibratory, screw or belt conveyor installations where weight measurement and/or flow control are needed. Combining a suitable pre-feeder and a Type S unit on new installations typically proves the best approach considering both cost and material handling requirements.

For decades Thayer Scale has provided the Model S weigh belt for batching systems that handle everything from rock wool, aluminum chips, hot rubber extrusion, glass cullet, ice, Dolomitic lime, sand and petroleum coke. These weigh belts batch material into fishing boats, glass making processes, smelters and foundry hoppers in addition to providing precise delivery of products in loadout applications for rail and truck.

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