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Thayer Scale’s Series “SI” Insertion Weigh Belt for Superior Accuracy in Tight Spaces

Thayer Scale’s Series “SI” Insertion Weigh Belt for Superior Accuracy in Tight Spaces
3 Oct 2023  |
The Thayer Scale’s “SI” Insertion Weigh Belt Feeder is designed to easily fit into an existing production process. A short support framework and a suspended 30” long “V-Guided” conveyor (12”, 18”, 24” and 30” wide) makes it the only practical weighing module for insertion into a short transition space between existing conveyors or equipment.

Unique benefits result from suspending the conveyor from a high-accuracy Force Measurement Suspension System (FMSS). Since load measurements are not affected by the physical characteristics of the belting and its supporting means (stiffness, sliding friction, non-uniformity, splice effects tension/misalignment interaction, etc.) the construction of the belting and its material can be chosen on the basis of durability and belt tracking ability without concern for loss of accuracy.

The SI is engineered for light-loading applications that require high accuracy. The sanitary weigh feeder processes almonds, croutons, cheese curd, beans, lettuce, crackers, shredded cheese, chips, rubber mulch, dried fruit and candy. The “SI” uses Thayer Scale’s model 15L precision flexure plate suspension scale with its patented FMSS technology. The conveyor portion is normally 24″ or 36″ long and is suspended from the scale on an open cantilevered C-Frame pipe support, which greatly simplifies belt removal and replacement for wash down applications. The conveyor portion can be oriented on the C-Frame to convey horizontally, upwards (20 degrees) or downward (20 degrees), in whatever configuration best suits the installation conditions. The scale provides for complete mass counterbalancing of the dead load of the conveyor permitting the load sensor to react only to the net material load.

The Series “SI” is supplied with Thayer Scale’s state-of-the-art instrumentation and controls. For new installations, the combination of the most suitable volumetric pre-feeder and the Series “SI” often proves the best approach considering cost, allocatable space, and material handling requirements.

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