Cleaning Storage Units Safely

Cleaning Storage Units Safely
Standard Industrie International is active in a wide range of industries such as cement plants, thermal power stations, mines, quarries, steel industry, etc. to provide them with all the necessary solutions for handling, recovery of production capacity, the working environment, or even safety.

There are many customers for whom storage of bulk material becomes a real problem when it becomes clogged. The storage units are then immobilized, which considerably slows down the production process.

There are, then 2 types of solutions:

  • The preventive solution, which consists of installing AIRCHOC® air cannons on the silos or hoppers. Regular compressed air blasting from the AIRCHOC® into the storage unit allows the material to remain in motion and maintain its flow in the production process.
  • The curative solution, which results in cleaning and unclogging of storage units, guaranteeing the safety of the operators.

After a complete analysis of the clogged storage area, the breakdown teams place their equipment outside, respecting all safety standards :


This deep drilling equipment is a solution for bridging problems.

  • Diameter for piercing storage units from the top or bottom: 65 to 300 mm
  • Intervention depth: up to 45 meters
  • Controlled from outside
  • Cleaning without pollution of the product
  • To be used before GIRONET®

This 360° rotating hinged arm is an answer for ratholing blockage and dead stocks.

  • Intervention depth: up to 45 meters
  • Controlled from outside

These two products, available in pneumatic version (friable products) or in hydraulic version (hard products) and in ATEX version for the GIRONET®, are effective on any type of blockage, product or storage unit. They can be used without stopping production.

This mechanical cleaning is safe because it excludes any human interventions inside the silos and hoppers.

In addition, through the use of compressed air and aluminum housing around the engine, all risk of explosion is avoided. Therefore, the customer can quickly recover its full storage capacity while ensuring optimum safety for its operators.

And for recovering or reclaiming material down from storage units, a vacuum cleaning can be done by the Standard Industrie International’s intervention team.


Customer: A sugar factory in Germany

Material to declogging: Treated beetroot granules

In this factory, the Size of the silo was out of norm: 23 m, diameter 22 with 2000 tons of blocked material. As the product was potential explosive, Standard Industrie International’s team used the GIRONET® ATEX.

Due to the out of the nom dimensions and our intervention specificities on the GIRONET® the silo had to be brought back to the norms in order to quickly set up the GIRONET® at the top. Therefore, a movable reception platform has been designed by us and supplied by the customer. This made it possible to intervene and clean on 3 different openings (500 x 500 mm) and to be able to cover the whole diameter of the silo.

The intervention was coupled with the POWERNET to release 8 clogged extractions out of the 16 existing ones.

Results: The customer has recovered its storage capacity. He was able to sell by the ton all the material recovered. Return on investment guaranteed. The intervention took place safely with the control of explosive risk (Atex norm). Adaptation work remains available for any possible next intervention. The costs related to safety are recoverable.

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