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Free Webinar On How To Quantify The Dustiness Of Your Product

Free Webinar On How To Quantify The Dustiness Of Your Product
2 Jan 2024  |
Are you working with powders, granules or bulk materials and need to quantify the dustiness of your product? The dustiness of powders, granulates and other bulk materials is a common problem that can lead to poor product performance, handling difficulties and health problems.

In this free webinar application experts from RETSCH will give you valuable insights into how the DustMon solution can help you to optimize product quality and working conditions.

Topics include:

  • Definition of dustiness
  • Practical demonstration of a DustMon measurement
  • Application examples

Join us on January 16th for this webinar

RETSCH’s Dustmon RD 100 is ideally suited to measure the amount of dust and determine the dust index. ​This compact benchtop analyzer provides real-time analyses with high reproducibility and stability.​ The analysis method complies with CIPAC MT 171.

The DustMon quantifies the dustiness of a sample accurately and reproducibly. It is used to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of dust reduction measures such as agglomeration, granulation, adsorption on liquids or addition of dust reducing agents. The measurement results are used to ensure product quality, optimize processes and minimize health risks.

Examples of dusty bulk materials for analysis with the DustMon are cement, washing powder, cat litter, coffee or milk powder, absorbers, and fertilizers.

Learn more about DustMon:

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