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OsecoElfab Launches New Product Line in the Explosion Protection Industry

OsecoElfab Launches New Product Line in the Explosion Protection Industry
OsecoElfab has launched Xplo-Gard, an innovative flameless venting solution for enhanced explosion protection. The new line of flameless vents is designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency, and presents a range of pioneering features for safe and accurate flameless venting.

These include an access hatch, so that, unlike competitor models, users can easily install the explosion panel inside the vent body. A lightweight version not only supports easier installation but also features viewing windows for quick and easy panel inspection. Xplo-Gard CURVE features a bespoke curved flange for direct installation onto cylindrical vessels.

Additionally, Xplo-Gard’s Pstat tolerance of +/-15% outperforms the industry standard of
+/-25%, supporting increased safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. The entire range complies with NFPA 68 requirements and is certified to European ATEX standards.

Steve Gallo, President of OsecoElfab: “Xplo-Gard represents our commitment to the safety and efficiency of our customers’ operations. We understand the varied needs of our customers and have increased our range of solutions to meet those needs.

With the addition of Xplo-Gard, OsecoElfab is now a one-stop provider for explosion panels, flameless vents, and sensor technology. The new product line demonstrates our focus on customer service, technical expertise, and continuous innovation.”

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