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Let's Sample! PTS Automatic Sampler

7 Jul 2021  |
The PTS high-end automatic sampler can be used for taking representative samples of powders, granules, or flakes out of pneumatic conveying lines. By starting the sequence with an external signal, the sampler tube is moved inside the product stream by means of a pneumatic cylinder.

The product sample is taken from the line by an opening in the sampler tube. The overpressure in the pneumatic transport system facilitates a smooth flow of the sample into the sampling system where it is collected in a sample jar. The sample jar holder contains a pressure indicator and a manual valve with a filter socket to depressurise the sampling system before disconnecting the sample jar. 

Due to its accurate finishing, this sampler is very suitable for high-end applications in the food and dairy industries. The PTS is internally ATEX 2014/34/EU certified, external ATEX 2014/34/EU certified is optional. 

PTS samplers can be supplied inclusive control unit, consisting of a cabinet with Siemens Logo PLC and fuses, switches, motor protector, and frequency converter. The cabinet is internally wired and tested and standard suitable for a non-classified Zone. This control unit is optionally available conforming to ATEX 2014/34/EU. 

A well-taken product sample gives a correct representation of the production. TBMA has a complete range of automatic samplers that give a representative and reliable image and are applicable for granules, flakes and powders. 

Our samplers are suitable for use bunkers and downspouts or in pneumatic transport systems. In most cases, they can be integrated into existing systems. 

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